Запрошуємо Вас на вебінар
Rehabilitation of severely resorbed maxillae. Surgical and Prosthetic protocols with BEGO Semados implants. Автор – Dr. Nikos Krompas (Греція)

The severely resorbed maxillary arch presents itself with some distinct characteristics that require advanced knowledge and skills in order to be predictably restored with an implant borne prosthesis. The quantity and quality of bone is often very compromised, the pneumatization of the sinuses and bone resorption greatly reduce the osseous substrate in the posterior areas, making the long-term prognosis of maxillary implants worse than the mandibular implants. In addition, immediate implant placement and loading in the maxilla has some critical points, for the success predictability of the case, that need to be addressed. Several prosthetic decisions, such as Esthetic demands; type of impression; abutments; restorative material also need to be made by the professional.

Dr. Nikos Krompas, who works since 35 years in his private practice, in Athens, with a special focus in Surgical and Prosthetic Implantology, full mouth reconstruction, esthetic rehabilitation with the use of the operating microscope and since 2003 leads his teaching institute (www.krompas-seminars.gr) will present his 12-year experience with BEGO Semados implants, his choice criteria for maxillary implants’ design, as well as the expert preference for Bone and Sinus augmentation materials and techniques.
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