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Sinus lift and the piezoelectric hydrodynamic technique

Автор – Dr. Grzegorz Zietek (Польща)

Among the several approaches that can be used to perform a sinus lift surgery, the use of the Piezoelectric Hydrodynamic Technique is one of the most predictable and safe for the surgeons. This Webinar will address the basics of the piezoelectric surgery, including the principles of operations and its advantages; the physiology and biology of bone healing; the advantages of using piezoelectric hydrodynamic technique in sinus lift procedure with a crestal approach and which biomaterial shall be used by the professional, when this clinical procedure is performed.

Dr Grzegorz Zietek, member of the Polish Society of Implantology, the German Association of Oral Implantology (DGOI) and board of the Polish Society of Implantology will conduct this session, showing clinical cases of his private Implantology clinic, based in Krakow (Poland) and opened in 2003.

At the end, the participants will have the chance to join a Q&A Session.
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