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CAD/CAM:important points to keep in mind

Автор – Dr. Oriol Cantó-Navés (Іспанія)

CAD/CAM systems are a reality and to talk about them is to talk about the present and the future of Implantology, both from a surgical and a prosthetic point of view. But doubts still arise: how the technology works; how the prosthesis are manufactured; what are the necessary requirements for a perfect fitting; what are the existing materials. Problems can be avoided, but the digital technology needs to be correctly applied.

Not everything is correct, not all prosthesis fit well. Copy-cats components shall not be used if the professional wants to perform a high-quality treatment and deliver the best to the patient. In this Webinar, targeted to both dentists and dental technicians, Dr Oriol Cantó-Navés, Associate Professor from the International University of Catalonia; Member of the Spanish Society of Prosthetics and Aesthetics; author/ co-author of scientific articles/book; owner of a private practice in Barcelona, since 1991, will present very important concepts that must be taken into account when prostheses are manufactured using digital technologies.

At the end, the participants will have the chance to join a Q&A Session.

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