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EndoPilot sets new standards of efficient and safe treatment of root canals.

  • digital measurement of root canal length
  • endodontic electronic motor with a handpiece for machanical preparation
  • ultrasonic handpiece
  • two elements for obturation (DownPack + BackFill to fill in the thermoplastic gutta-percha)
This perfect solution requires very little space and only one footswitch. All handpieces are stored on a comfortable rack, clearly arranged and readily available. A tripod socket on the backside of the device offers a variety of mounting possibilities.

Main components



The new revolutionary concept all-in-one! Reliable, compact and easy to use. Controlled by a large touchscreen display. All popular file systems are included in the library (with the recommended torque and rotation speed settings). The “My file” mode will save individual settings. Russian and English menu. Update library files or software features within a few seconds.

Work steps are quickly recallable via the large, clearly legible touch screen display. The easy to handle menu provides for intuitive utilization. It offers user-friendly information for every function in comprehensive clear text.

Reciprocal function!!!



The fully insulated contra-angle, developed specifically for the Endodontics, enables apex measurement during the preparation “on the fly”. The precise, electronic length determination works in accordance with the impulse measuring process. Thanks to state-of-the-art micro-processor technology, the exact determination of the preparation length is done with 10-Bit-resolution. Usually apexlocator is used separately to measure the root canal with hand files. For your convenience, the received data can be saved by the control pedal and used as reference values during treatment. The horizontal line shows the position of the file in the root canal when the “auto-stop” function is triggered when working with the motor – “virtual apex”.



Endomotor provides efficient root canal preparation due to torque and rotation speed control. Lightweight motor offers maximum tactility and colored LED-lights inform about the rotation direction, torque limitations and apex position. The optional twist function prevents file from blocking in curved canals by alternating left and right direction of rotation as soon as the pre-selected torque has been reached. Another, patented function is torque-reduction upon approaching apex. It limits the cutting performance of the file in the apical area and provides for a constant transportation of the debris out of the canal. Even upon reaching the apex, the endomotor doesn’t switch into anticlockwise rotation, but stops briefly and carefully continues in the clockwise rotation. The “change of rotation direction” often used in competing devices causes the undesired transport of the intracanal debris towards the apex. EndoPilot presents the new reciprocal function! A freely programmable reciprocating drive ca be chosen for any file. Different profiles of movement are storable for every instrument. In combination with the patented EndoPilot contra-angle, constant control over the current file is granted. A change of files is quickly done as no inconvenient file contact brackets are needed. With the help of the arrows visible of the menu, the EndoPilot automatically suggests the next file within the file sequence.



The aim of each endodontic treatment is the leakproof sealing of a prepared and disinfected root canal system. Warm vertical condensation technique provides a dense and homogeneous endodontic filling, especially compared with cold condensation techniques. Compact and easy D-pack tip ensures optimised handling and the slim design allows for the unobstructed view on the spot of treatment. The desired heating temperature of the tip can be freely chosen via the display and the heating takes place within seconds! An integrated LED-indication in the handpiece informs about the heating process. The inserting respectable replacement heating tip is easy, quick and safe.



Optimal control of the gutta-percha supply.

Finally, a termoplastic filling of the middle and coronal thirds of the canal is done with a Obtura III Max gun. The temperature selected via the touch display is reached very quickly by high-performance steering. Standard gutta-percha bars are used as filling material. Inorder to apply the fluidized gutta-percha, needles in 3 different sizes are available! With the help of easy to use pistol handle, the rate of flow of the warmed gutta-percha can be steered in an ideal way. Hence, the filling process is optimally controllable. Three sizes of gun needles are available.


CoPilot Endodontic ultrasound perfectly completes EndoPilot and makes it a fully equipped modular device for endodontic treatment “all-in-one”. CoPilot module includes the following accessories:

  • Ultrasonic handpiece
  • Supplimentary DownPack-connection
  • Wireless twin-footswitch
  • Battery operation
The adjustable countdown-timer allows for the use of standardized rinsing-protocols. The CoPilot module offers a twin wireless footswitch as well as the battery-powered operation. The setting of the ultrasonic performance, the run-time and the selection of pre-programmed ultrasonic instrument is done easily via the touch display. The CoPilot set can be combined smoothly with all EndoPilot sets retroactively.
Guttapercha bars for BackFill gun (109 0142)
Composition: 100 pcs/box
Silver needles for BackFill gun (109 0144)
Composition: 6 pcs/box
Ø 20; 0,9 mm
Silver needles for BackFill gun (109 0145)
Composition: 6 pcs/box
Ø 23; 0,6 mm
Silver needles for BackFill gun (109 0146)
Composition: 6 pcs/box
Ø 25; 0,5 mm
D-Pack heating tip: XF 040/.04 (109 0156)
D-Pack heating tip: F 050/.04 (109 0152)
D-Pack heating tip: FM 050/.05 (109 0153)
D-Pack heating tip: M 050/.07 (109 0154)
ML 050/.09 (109 0155)
Ultrasonic retreatment tip (109 4241)
Instrument ET40
Ultrasonic files for passive irrigation (109 4221)
File IRRI 20-21
Composition: 4 pcs/box
SAF-expansion for Сomfort Plus (109 5103)
  • EDP-Motor for SAF instrument
  • ISO-E connection
  • LED-indication
  • 5000 upm
  • SAF-pump with Switch function (additional connection to DownPack module)
  • SAF-Motor rest
SAF-head RD73-NX (109 5112)
Handpiece for SAF-head (109 5111)
– ISO-E connection
SAF-expansion for Ultra Plus (109 5102)
  • EDP-Motor for SAF instrument
  • ISO-E connection
  • LED-indication
  • 5000 upm
  • SAF-pump
  • SAF-Motor rest
SAF-head RD73-NX (109 5112)
Handpiece for SAF-head (109 5111)
– ISO-E connection
EndoPilot Switch (109 2102)
– additional connection to DownPack module
CoPilot set (109 3002):
CoPilot unit (109 3205):
– connection to DownPack module
– integrated battery
Ultrasonic handpiece Newtron Suprasson Satelec (109 3102)
Wireless twin-footswitch (109 2351)
Battery recharging cable (509 0410)
109 3132 Rinsing adapter
360 0413 Screw set, М4х12
380 5094 Hexagon screwdriver
109 3112 Universal instrument tool
Wireless twin-footswitch, set (109 2350)
– twin footswitch
– receiver module
colour: blue
Wireless footswitch (109 2350) for CoPilot.
Color: blue
Wireless footswitch, set (109 2360)
– footswitch
– receiver module
Color: blue
Wireless footswitch (109 2361)
Color: blue
Cable footswitch (109 2333)
Color: blue
Ultrasonic handpiece Newtron Suprasson Satelec (109 3102)
For Satelec U/S tips
Ultrasonic cable for Newtron Satelec handpiece (109 3122)
Peristaltic pump CoPilot (109 3301)
image description
Sterijoint adapter (109 3123)
Peristaltic tubing
Tube set for solution supply through U/S handpiece (109 2500)
Composition: 10 pcs/box
EDP-Motor (109 0112)
– ISO-E connection
– LED-indication
– integrated apexlocator
Contra-angle handpiece EndoPilot (109 0125)
– integrated apexlocator
– insulated
– 1:1
– ISO-E connection
Base with battery pack (109 2310)
– Handpiece holder
– battery recharging cable
BackFill gun (109 0141)
– without a cable
– 140 – 200°С
BackFill cable (509 0142)
BackFill heating tips key (109 0147)
Cleaning brushes for BackFill gun (109 0148)
(2 pcs/pack)
Heat insulators for BackFill META gun (109 0143)
(10 pcs/pack)
DownPack handpiece (109 0151)
Apex cord with file holder (109 2313)
image description
Apex cord, set (109 2311)
– 1 cable with connector
– 1 lip-clip
– 1 cord with a file clamp
– white
image description
Lip-clip for apex cord (109 2314)
Teflon ring for BackFill pistol (509 0149)
EndoPilot base (109 2306)
EndoPilot base (109 2308) only for Comfort set
EndoPilot base (109 2301)
EndoPilot AC /DC adapter (109 2321)
– Euro-socket
– 90-264 V to 12 V 1,25 А
Handpiece holders (109 2309)
– EDP-Motor holder
– Ultrasonic handpiece holder
Trolley with 3 levels (109 2403)
– EndoPilot safe storage
– 3 levels
– 2 sockets
– effecient storage area 40 х 30 cm
– measurements (HхWхL): 80 х 45 х 45 mm

General review of the EndoPilot device:

      All the endotreatment stages:
  • accessing pulp chamber;
  • root canal negociation and working length determination;
  • preparation;
  • 3D obturation.