ExamVision Light Sources – ideal partner to your loupes

To get the most out of your loupes, supplement your clinic lighting with bright, white shadow-free light, illuminating your field of view.
All elements are portable and lightweight. ExamVision’s range of lights is specially designed to give you the illumination you need and prefer. The new Focus Xtend control unit is operated by pressing the front panel, with your hand or elbow. A short press will activate the unit, and further clicks will cycle the unit through low, medium and high settings. Focus Xtend gives you up to 24 hours of continuous use
ExamVision offers three types of lamp diodes.
LED_big ExamVision Focus Bright and Focus True ExamVision Focus™: enhanced visual comfort – No hot-spot and no glare, because the multi-lens design of the lamp gives a bright yet even light spot. The Focus illuminates a circular area of 70 mm from a distance of 35 cm, and is available in two colour temperatures:
  • Focus™ Bright (6500 K): pure yet powerful. Plenty of lux to illuminate the field of vision, without blinding glare. White, bright and strongly concentrated light, ideal for dental and medical applications where high quality illumination is required.
  • Focus™ True (5000 K): true colour. The Focus 4500K gives a warmer light with the blue wavelengths filtered out. Specially designed for general and cosmetic dentistry, making it possible to work without a curing filter for most composites.
nano_big ExamVision Nano Essential ExamVision Nano Essential (6500 K) – XP Nano is an ultra compact LED light, delivering natural white light exactly where you need on the area of 80 mm from a distance of 35 cm. Weighing only 9 grams, and featuring the elegant Connect fixing system – where the light can be locked to the loupe, or easily removed.
  Focus™ True Focus™ Bright Nano Essential
Lamp weight, g 17 17 9
Light spot at 35cm, mm 70 70 80
Battery type Lithium Ion battery, 2-module, 7,2 V, 1,2 А-h. Lithium Ion battery, 2-module, 7,2 V, 1,2 А-h. Lithium Ion battery, 2-module, 7,2 V, 1,2 А-h.
Working time, h до 12 до 12 до 12
Charging time, h 2,5 2,5 2,5
Light intensity at 35 cm distance, lux max. 15800 max. 18600 max. 27400