Statute of All-Ukrainian public institution “Ukrainian Endodontic Association”

Kyiv, year 2006

1. General Provisions

1.1. All-Ukrainian public institution “Ukrainian Endodontic Association” (hereinafter – Association) is an All-Ukrainian professional public institution which joins together on the basics of interests’ unity dentists, who use methods of endodontic treatment (hereinafter – dentists) for realization of aim and tasks according to this Statute. 1.2. Association is incorporated and acts according to Constitution of Ukraine, law of Ukraine “About unionization of citizens”, another legal acts of Ukraine and this Statute. 1.3. Association’s activity extends on the territory of Ukraine. Association creates its local centers on the territory of Ukraine. 1.4. Association acts on the basis of free will, equal rights of its members, self-governing, legality and publicity, self-financing and self-repayment. 1.5. Association is a legal person from the moment of its registration according to the procedures of effective legislation. Has own balance, seal, stamps and also accounts in banking institutions and symbols, which patterns are to be approved by the Board of Association. 1.6. Association can incorporate or join international public (non-government) institutions, to establish unions, associations and societies with other public institutions. 1.7. Location of Ukrainian Endodontic Association – Ukraine, 04112, Kyiv, Oranzhereyna str. 3. 1.8. Full name – All-Ukrainian public institution “Ukrainian Endodontic Association”. 1.9. Short name – AUPI “Ukrainian Endodontic Association”

2. Aim and tasks

2.1. The basic aim of Association’s activity is satisfaction and protection of legal rights, freedoms and interests of its members; assistance in professional and scientific activity of dentistry profile specialists in the sphere of root canal treatment, development of domestic dentistry science and practice level. 2.2 Basic tasks of Association are: – protection of rights and legal interests of dentists occupied with endodontic practice, – members of Association, providing of legal guarantees of their activity; – representing of legal interests of Association at State bodies and departments; – moving of offers to the competent State bodies and boards concerning issues of regulation of activity at the field of endodontic practice; – assistance in improvement and development of domestic root canal treatment; – propaganda of achievements of dentistry science at the field of root canal treatment and work experience in this field of domestic and foreign dentistry institutions; – assistance in broad introduction of new diagnostics methods of therapeutic and surgical endodontic treatment to the practice of dentistry institutions. 2.3 For execution of its tasks Association: – provides consultations and help to the members of Association in all questions concerning activity in the field of root canal treatment; – moves offers to the Dentists Association of Ukraine, Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine, State bodies and departments in the sphere of health protection concerning questions connected with Association’s and its members’ activity; – insists on adoption of its remarks and offers during a consideration of legislative and normative acts concerned with the activity in the field of root canal treatment in particular and dentistry in general; – assists in development of medical help programs for population in the problem of complicated caries; – makes analysis and estimation of complicated caries treatment methods, develops recommendation about its practical use; – participates in working out of recommendations as to production and standardization of equipment for root canal treatment, instruments and materials; – performs public examination of instruments and materials for root canal treatment and provides conclusions as to expediency of working out and production of new materials and production; – participates in forming of programs and curriculum and also in post-diploma training at the profile of root canal treatment; – convenes meetings, seminars, science conferences and participates in meetings and conferences; – performs propaganda of medical knowledge, organizes public lectures, exhibitions, reports and scientific disputes at root canal treatment; – provides independent examination of stomatological help in root canal treatment quality by request of interested parties; – gives public estimation of stomatological equipment, instruments and materials concerning recommendation of its use. Stomatological equipment, instruments and materials recommended by Association are marked by the correspondent mark of Association; – performs business and other commercial activity by the way of incorporating of institutions and organizations with the status of legal person, incorporates companies; – publishes by the established order its proceedings, bulletins and other editions through the incorporated publishing houses; – is a subject of civil relations, has property and nonproperty rights.

3. Members of Association, their rights and obligations

3.1. Association has fixed retention in the person of dentists engaged in endodontical practice. 3.2 Association members may be doctors who are citizens of Ukraine or foreign citizens, who accept the Association’s Statute, perform their obligations according to this Statute and pay membership fees. 3.3 Admittance to Association’s members are to be made by local centers on the basis of written statement to the governing body of local center and payment of admission fee. Payment of admission and membership fee gives the right to receive official printed edition of Association. Members of Association receive correspondent ID and certificate which confirms their membership in Association. 3.4 Members of Association have the right: – to enter and leave Association of their own free will on the basis of written statement (without reimbursement of paid fees); – to elect and to be elected to the governing bodies of Association; – to participate in discussion of all issues of Association’s activity; – to ask for Association’s help for the protection of professional interests, to receive Association’s support during examination of controversial issues at State bodies and departments; – to move offers as to agenda of General Conference of Association no later than one month before the start of its work; – to participate at the work with documents concerned with main activities of Association, to move offers as to interests protection and development of Association’s activity to the Board of Association; – to use intellectual works and material and technical equipment and also services, consultations and recommendations, provided by Association; – immediate reception of information about activity of Association through local centers; – participate on preferential terms in all meetings, conferences (other forms of activity) held by Association; – to publish free of charge their works and announcements in printed matters of Association (exclusive advertisement); – to use symbols of Association. 3.5 Members of Association are obliged – to perform their activity according to requirements of medical ethics, realization that human being and its health, dignity, rights and freedoms are the top values; – to participate actively at activity of Association; – to follow this Statute; – to execute decrees of Association’s governing bodies; – to pay membership fees in time; – to inform Association about their activity; – to give offers as to solution of current problems by legal and organizational ways; – to provide in time to Association on its request information, which is not commercial or doctor secret and also to inform about change of the own name, address or official phone etc.; – to bear moral responsibility for nonperformance of obligations as to this Statute. 3.6 For active participation at the work of Association and significant contribution to the development of root canal treatment in Ukraine members of Association may be awarded with honorary status of Ukrainian Endodontic Association, or they may be encouraged by Association in another way and to be recommended as a nominees of State awards and honorary status. Regulation about honors of Ukrainian Endodontic Association are to be approved by Association Board. 3.7 For violation of this Statute a member of Association may be warned or excluded from Association. 3.8 Membership in Association may be terminated: – leaving the Association according to written statement; – exclusion from the membership of Association. 3.9 Grounds for exclusion from Association may be: – violation of Association’s Statute; – actions which discredit activity of dentist; – nonpayment of membership fees for 12 month. 3.10 Exclusion from membership of Association are to be made by the decision of governing body of local center of Association. Nonpayment of membership fees during 12 month leads to automatic exclusion from membership of Association.

4. Structure and governing bodies of Association.

4.1. Basic activity of Association is a free will and equal rights of its members, self-governing, legality and openness. Association is to be created on professional and local principles. 4.2 The fundamentals of Association are local centers, which act on the basis of its Regulations, which are in accordance to this Statute and to be adopted by its governing bodies and approved by the Board of Association. 4.3 Local centers elect its governing bodies at general meeting. Quantity of governing body, form of its election, term of authority and also form of activity are to be determined by Regulation about activity of local center. Person, which has executive position at State bodies and institutions can not be a Head of local center. Local centers may receive a status of legal person in a case of its registration according to legislation. Local centers without the right of legal person legalize its activity by the way of informing in writing to correspondent local justice bodies about incorporation. 4.4 Governing of Association are made by: – General conference of Association; – Board of Association; – President of Association; – Central inspection commission. 4.5 Top body of Association is General conference of Association. 4.5.1 General conference is convened by Board of Association once in the period of two years. Personal responsibility for carrying out of General conference is one of the effective President of Association. President is obliged to inform members of Association no later than three month before its carrying out about order of the calling of General conference and its agenda. 4.5.2 Special General Conference of Ukrainian Endodontic Association are to be convened by the demand of no less than 1/3 of Association members or 2/3 of members of the Board. 4.5.3 General conference is law competent if no less than 2/3 of Association members delegates are present. 4.5.4 Decisions of General conference are to be taken by a majority of present delegates, excluding questions of termination of Association activity, moving amendments and additions to the Statute of Association – such decision requires no less than ¾ votes of present delegates. 4.5.5 Delegates of General conference are elected by local centers of Association (5 delegates from each from every local center excluding head of this local center). Each delegate has the right of one vote. 4.6 Exclusive competences of General conference of Association are: 4.6.1 Adoption of Statute of Association and moving of amendments and changes; 4.6.2 Election of President of Association, vice-President, members of the Board, Head and members of central inspection commission of Association; 4.6.3 Approval of basic activities of Association and examination of issues, offered by its members; 4.6.4 Examination and approval of reports of President and Board of Association; 4.6.5 Delegating of the part of its authorities to the Board or President of the Company; 4.6.6 Approval of regulation about Fond of Association; 4.6.7 Realization of property on the funds and property of Association; 4.6.8 Approval of meetings’, conferences’, symposiums’ plans, approval of prospective programs and current agenda; 4.6.9 Approval of Regulation about activity of the Board of the Company; 4.6.10 To impeach credibility to any member of elective bodies of Association and President, adoption of his resignation and carrying out of preterm elections/ 4.7 At the period between General conferences management of Association is made by the Board of Association, which is its executive body. 4.7.1 Board of Association includes ex officio Heads of local centers of Association and vice-Presidents of Association. By presentation of President and members of the Board of Association additional leading scientists, specialists and active members of Association may be included to the membership of the Board. 4.7.2 Meeting of the Board is to be held no less than twice a year; 4.7.3 Meeting of the Board is law competent if no less than 2/3 of its members are present; 4.7.4 Decisions of the Board are made by majority of present members; 4.7.5 Head of the Board meeting is the President of Association. 4.8 Board of Association: 4.8.1 rules the activity of Association at the period between General conferences; 4.8.2 convenes General conference of Association, prepares agenda of General conference, period and location, makes preliminary examination of issues for General conference; 4.8.3 move for an examination of General conference project of basic activities of Association in the current year; 4.8.4 secures the execution of decisions of General conference and approved by it basic activities of Association; 4.8.5 approves the model of statement about admittance to Association; 4.8.6 approves amount and period for payment of admission and membership fees and the order of its use; 4.8.7 approves models of seal, stamp, symbols and attributes of Association; 4.8.8 performs operational management of property and funds of Association; 4.8.9 takes decisions about incorporation of self-financing institutions, organizations and companies; 4.8.10 makes temporary commissions for preparation and examination of individual issues; 4.8.11 approves quantity, structure and conditions of payments to regular staff of Association; 4.8.12 approves Regulation about local centers of Association; 4.8.13 approves budget and estimates of costs; 4.8.14 takes decisions as to awarding by honorary status of Ukrainian Endodontic Association; 4.8.15 examines other issues concerned with Statute, excluding issues that are in the competence of General conference. 4.9 President of Association is the head of executive body of Association. Term of power of President of Association is 4 years. Constituent General conference elects the President of Association among its delegates. The same person may be the President only for one term. President of Association can not be a person who has leading position at State bodies and institutions. 4.10 President of Association: 4.10.1 organizes execution of decrees of General conference and Board of Association; 4.10.2 represents the Association at the State bodies, public and international institutions in relations with foreign partners; 4.10.3 informs members of Association about time and location of General conference and its agenda no later than 3 month before its convocation; 4.10.4 performs financial and economical functions for providing an activity of Association; 4.10.5 establishes necessary departments of executive body (legal, consultative, science and methodical etc.) and appoints its Heads; 4.10.6 offers for approval of the Board candidature of vice-President on scientific and educational activity and vice-President on practical activity; 4.10.7 takes decisions on admittance, dismissal and awarding by prizes of permanent employees of Association; 4.10.8 to conclude on behalf of the Association contracts and to sign documents on its behalf; 4.10.9 to open accounts in banking institution, to put first signature on financial documents of Association; 4.10.10 distributes responsibilities between members of the Board; 4.10.11 reports about execution of short-term program of activity once in the year to the Board of Association and on interim General conference of Association; 4.10.12 reports about execution of long-term program of activity on portback election meeting of General conference of Association; 4.10.13 in case of temporary absence of the President of Association his duties are to be executed by one of vice-Presidents of Association; 4.10.14 interim General conference of Association by presentation of the Board of Association may recall the president of Association pre-term. 4.11 Central inspection commission of Organization. 4.11.1 controls execution of Statute regulations, decrees and decisions of General conferences, the Board, plans of basic actions of Organization; 4.11.2 controls opportuneness and rightness of passing of issues and documents at central bodies and other structures of Organization; 4.11.3 examines activity of the Board concerning statements, complaints, letters; 4.11.4 provides methodical help to inspection commissions of local centers; 4.11.5 controls financial turnover of Organization; 4.11.6 results of inspection are to be registered documentary as a statement and presented to the President.

5. Means and property of Association.

5.1. Association is authorized to have movable and immovable property and finances on banking accounts. 5.2 Association may rent or to have as property buildings, constructions, transport and other property which is necessary for execution of its statutory activity; 5.3 Finances of Association consist of: – admission and annual membership fees; – voluntary donations, testaments and other contributions of domestic and foreign citizens, organizations etc. – income from business activity of established by Association companies etc. – income from editorial activity, carring out of lectures, seminars, science conferences, exhibitions etc. – other incomes which are in accordance to the law. 5.4 Finances of Association are to be spent for execution of activities mentioned at this Statute, charity and employees allowance, necessary for execution of activity of Association.

6. Moving of amendments and alterations to the Statute of Association.

6.1. Decision about amendments and alterations of Statute are to be made on a General conference of Association. 6.2 Amendments and alterations to the effective Statute are to be registered according to effective legislation.

7. Discontinuance of activity of Association

7.1. Discontinuance of activity of Association may be made by its reorganization or liquidation according to effective legislation of Ukraine. 7.2 Reorganization of Association is to be made on the basis of decree of General conference of Association. 7.3 Liquidation of Association is to be made on the basis of decree of General conference of Association or court decision. 7.4 Liquidation of Association is to be made by liquidation commission appointed by General conference of Association. From the moment of appointment of liquidation commission it has authority of ruling of Association. 7.5 By liquidation of Association all property and finances can not be re-distributed among its members. After liquidation of Association its assets transfer to other nonprofit organizations of correspondent type or pass to the budget income. 7.6 After discontinuance of activity of Association property, received in free of charge use or rent must be returned to owners. 7.7 Liquidation is considered to be finished and Association to be the one that discontinued its activity from the moment of its exclusion from State register.