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Implant surgery and fixed teeth in the same day: Total rehabilitation over 4 implants in patients with posterior sector atrophic jaw

Patients with complete dentures and bone resorption in the posterior sector of the mouth often suffer from esthetic/functional discomfort, compromised denture retention and inadequate chewing function. Modern implant-supported restoration can enhance the personal well-being, self-esteem and life quality of these patients, with the installation of a fixed denture in the same day of the implant surgery.

Planning, surgical technique, prosthetic rehabilitation and literature review of the Total rehabilitation over 4 implants for patients with posterior sector atrophic jaws will be discussed in this Online-Seminar, conducted by Dr Vitor Hugo Familiar (Portugal), international speaker and CEO/Clinical Director of the Dr Vitor Hugo Familiar Medicina Dentária Clinic, where he dedicates himself exclusively to the practice of Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology.

At the end of the presentation, the participants will have the chance to join a Q&A Session with the speaker.